The Melservo-J5 series offers high-quality servo amplifiers which provide better control to the Rotary servo motor with reduced torque. It has a high-resolution encoder with 67,108,864 pulses per revolution of the motor. The amplifier sends pulses to the motor at a highly efficient rate to ensure maximum performance.

What is in the offer?

The product list on offer for the MELSERVO-J5 series is as follows:

Servo amplifier: The servo circuit (วงจร เซอร์ โว, which is the term in Thai) amplifier sends signals to the motor to control its speed and accuracy. It is the control system of the motor system. The servo amplifier has several features up its sleeve. Some of them are:

  • The amplifier has automatic vibrations and an overload control system that can be controlled with the servo-on commands. This sets the speed loop gain and machine resonance filter. After the process is complete, the motor functions as it normally would.
  • The one-touch tuning system sets the gain automatically according to the mechanical nature of the load on the system. This reduces setup time and makes the machine more efficient.
  • The resonance frequency of the hardware is measured automatically and the frequency of the motor is adjusted accordingly.

Rotary servo motor: The rotary servo motor has some innovative features that allow it to function in versatile conditions. The servo motor is battery-less. This makes the setup very and eliminates the need for any extra accessories. Due to the no-battery system, there is no need for wires between the multi-axis systems. The maximum torque and low cycle time can be enhanced by using a high capacity servo circuit amplifier.

Linear servo motor: The linear motor is a 4 series motor used for various purposes.

Direct drive type servo motor: This is used for low speed and high torque. It comes in 4 types of frames and 12 motors.

Key Features: 

    • Performance: The new series has improved performance in almost all aspects as compared to previous versions.
    • Maintainability: With the new design, the maintaining costs are reduced.
    • Usability: The versatile nature of the machine makes it available for use in a vast variety of fields. 
  • Connectivity: The trend for tech is connectivity. Creating an ecosystem where different products of the same brand can co-exist. 

The servo circuit amplifiers are the heart of the system that grants it versatility and high performance. 

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