Many writers are here who advise on different issues. If you are looking for relationship advice, then you should start following Norman Linkous. Norman Linkous is a top-rated writer in the current time who is giving the best and effective suggestions for relations. If you have an issue with your partner and not able to understand how to handle this issue so that your partner does not feel bad, take a look at the advice given by Norman and you will find it very helpful for you. If you think that your partner is cheating on you or you are in a long-distance relationship, then Norman’s advice will give you a fruitful result. 

Norman Linkous started as a dating coach and he is concerning one of his female friends. As time passes, issues were raised between both of them and they face a very bad time. In that time, Norman feels the pain of bad relationships. In the current time, he is giving his best so that there will be no issues in any relationship. He is uploading all of his articles on one of the best relationship advice-giving websites which is askdougandchris. Here, a reader will find all type of articles and apply for soothing their relationship. 

Cheated men or women

If you doubt your spouse that he or she is cheated on you then it is true that there are more chances that a man will be cheated it is reported that 20% of men are cheated on in their relationship. Not only men but also women are cheated and it has more than 13% chances that they cheated. But it is also true that men confirm that they are cheated on and have a relation with other girls. But if you have any doubt about your spouse then you can confront them and also ask them about it. 

Talk to your partner with lots of love

It is indeed very hard to find out the reality about your spouse that he or she is cheated or not. But it is also true if you have doubt but it is not clear then it will take many issues in your relationship. That’s why you need to make a decision when your mind is cool. Never take any decision when you are angry or you don’t understand what to do. You can talk with your partner about this directly or ask them if they have any issues or not. Or why they feel different from the past few days. 

If they truly love you or they have any issue it may be possible they will share with you. They don’t have to be cheating on you but it is also possible that they have trouble or don’t want to share with you. But when you ask them with lots of love and make them feel that you love them and always stand with them in every situation, they will surely share their issues with you.

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