Today, our topic is about dropbox business alternative. Dropbox is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular cloud storage services with more than 11.9 million paid users and more than 500 million registered users. Most professionals use Dropbox as their secure folder, but that is not the only option they have. Although Dropbox is the best-known Cloud-Service provider for businesses, there are downsides to using Dropbox, such as limits and its cost.

Google Drive

Let us start with the most popular of the Dropbox business alternatives – Google Drive. It has 1 billion users and 15 GB of free storage. It has an amazing free plan, but it also has six paid plans. It allows its users to view, store, create, and edit spreadsheets, documents, forms, slides, and much more. It is unique and diversified cloud storage. When you hire the paid service for your business, you get access to all deleted files for up to 30 days.


If you are looking for better Dropbox alternative, Box is the solution. It helps companies to transform digitally. It enables a safe and digital workplace, boosting employee productivity and collaboration from wherever they are working. It drives intelligence and collaborative business functions across the extended enterprise. With workflow and collaboration, this cloud storage places a special emphasis on security.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive has become another of the good alternatives to Dropbox for businesses. There you can add files and documents to the cloud and add images and photos easily. It is recommended to get full subscription to enjoy unlimited services. Amazon cloud drive has evolved over the years. Although your main concern is images and videos, you can also store files and documents.

Zoho Docs

Another good Dropbox alternative for business is Zoho Docs. It is a great online file management service that offers users to store, create documents, and collaborate. It includes spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. All of these applications allow collaboration and sharing and come with an interface similar to Office Suit. Whether you access it from a mobile device or from a desktop, Zoho Docs is accessible as long as you stay online.

One Drive

One Drive’s free plan offers 5 GB of storage space, and if you want more, you can opt for the premium plans. It is cloud storage for file synchronizing and sharing. Previously, it was also known as Sky Drive. Like other cloud storage services, this alternative solution works the same way. One Drive also has a great user interface. Your One Drive files and folders, as well as your Microsoft account, are safe and secure with two-factor authentication.


Another of the alternatives to Dropbox for companies is Mega. This service offers you 15 GB of free storage that is the largest free storage space. You also get an additional 35 GB free storage space, which eventually disappears. It has cross-platform tools and is quite intuitive and easy to use. Mega manages to maintain its balance between simplicity and functionality. You can use the Mega Sync application for Mac-OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.





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