How to protect yourself from security breaches?

Security Breaches, although dangerous, have become a very common topic in today’s generation. The Target security breach of 2013 was one of the greatest of all time. Ever since then, people have been focusing on better ways to enhance and improve security. The security breaches cost not only company money but also its reputation.

Owing to so many security breaches, both big and small, customers have, however, become very reluctant about online businesses. The breaches not only harm public trust but also prevent companies from going online. But, there are several ways through which one can protect themselves against the risk of security breaches.

The cyber threat is the greatest threat of all time. Although you might think that there’s no possible solution, there are ways that can easily combat the problem. Some of the proven ways that can help the businesses stay protected against the risk of security breaches include the following. 

Conduct employee security awareness training

Employee Security training has to be one of the most important things to consider. Reports show that most of the human error occurs due to the lack of training in employees. The employees tend to open risky mails, and their one mistake can give way to cybercrime.

Employees open suspicious emails too often. As a result, it is necessary to train the employees on what is right and what is wrong to prevent any inconvenience.

Limit the access to valuable data

Your client’s data is supposed to be the most precious thing to you. Thus, as a business, one wouldn’t want to give away this information to everybody. Over the years, it has been found that the employees got access to all the data. This, however, was one of the main reasons why data breaches became so prevalent.

As time is advancing, the companies are focusing on enhancing the overall system. Therefore, they are limiting data access. It is being assessed that in the coming times, data will only be given to those who really need it.


Programmers suggest that you must update your software and operating system regularly. Since patches are necessary, it is essential to gain access to them. The absence of patches can, however, lead to increased risk of the threat as the system becomes more vulnerable to hacking. You might as well prefer getting an analyzer who can keep a check on the presence of patches and software updates.

Consider investing in a computer activity tracker to help prevent your employees from doing suspicious activities.


Here’s How Video Can Help Improve Your Website’s SEO Quickly

There is more to content than just blogs and writeups. As a matter of fact, according to Tysons Corner SEO, videos can actually do more for your search engine optimization than old fashioned text content.

Videos from social media platforms

People don’t usually search for brands, websites, or topics unless they are looking for answers. On a regular, idyllic day, they surf social media websites like Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and so on. More than status updates and notes, however, videos have garnered more clicks.

So, according to Tysons Corner SEO, people who would most likely be interested in your services or goods are most likely to be led to your website after watching videos from social media platforms. Adding videos to your website and reposting the link to social media platforms can yield not just a higher volume of traffic, but a higher quality of traffic to your site. It’s an easy Internet Marketing scheme to abide by.

Staying power

You also need to understand how Google works these days. Google does not simply depend on keywords within your textual content anymore. Tags might work, but what Google looks into more is the behavior of your audience.

While having keyword optimized blogs could help you initially, Google can nullify the volume of traffic your website is getting if these same people leave your page. It signifies that your content is not relevant or not interesting. However, if you have a video on your website, people are more likely to stay on your pages, and click on more. This results in visitors who stay and maybe even bookmark your page. These click actions can convert to better search engine rankings simply because it marks your content as highly relevant to your niche.

Bottom-line effect

Aside from search engine traffic, having interesting, high-quality video content can convert your visitors into actual paying customers. Blogs are good at letting people know you’re an expert at something. They would appreciate the chunks of information you are telling them through textual content. However, let’s face it, our audiences are now more visual and media-savvy. For this reason, videos are more likely to be viewed by your target market than blogs be read from start to finish.

If you want highly entertaining video content, you may want to invest more in your video production. It won’t hurt to think about the visual and audio aspects of your video content. You might even want to hire talent if you feel like you need a more professional look for your website. Pretty soon, the same people who are following you for your video would recognize your integrity as an “expert in the field”. This makes selling a lot easier.


Google and Bing algorithms change all the time. If you have a variety of content on your website, this protects you from being obsolete. Video content is all the trend right now. In a few months, something else might be the hot item. However, having both textual, graphic, video and even interactive quizzes on your website makes your pages more likely to be ranked highly in search engines no matter what the algorithm might be.

For effective and affordable Tysons Corner SEO, contact us today at TESSA. We combine technology and experience to make sure we help your brand reach out to more people. Contact us today.


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