How NetbaseQuid Takes the Hassle Out of Social Media Listening

For a company to succeed, it’s imperative for those who run this business to make the right decisions. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. To have help making important business decisions, companies need to begin listening to what others are saying on social media.

What is a Social Media Listening Strategy?

Social media contains a lot more data than you might think. Within this data, there are valuable insights that can teach you a lot about your business. To understand what people are saying about your company, competitors, and industry, you’ll need a social media listening strategy.

With this type of strategy, companies typically utilize programs or services to accomplish social listening-related tasks. Most of these strategies include plans for which social platforms to target, what to look for, and how to communicate with people based on their findings.

The Importance of Social Media Listening

Now that you know what social listening is, it’s time to learn what makes this so important. One reason it’s important is that it gives your company access to information it wouldn’t normally have. As you likely know, most social networks only show you information about your followers or those in your network. While this is convenient, it’s never going to tell you everything people are saying about your business. Fortunately, social listening software can solve this problem and reach beyond those barriers.

Another reason social listening is important is that its a convenient form of communication. If you send a customer direct mail, they might never open it. Unfortunately, the same is true for an email. However, most social media services notify a user right after another account contacts them. This makes it easy for companies to have a direct line of communication with those mentioning this business.

Social listening is also a great way for your company to learn what competitors are doing right and wrong. Based on what you find, your business can use this information to create something that does a better job of solving customer’s problems.

What Can a Company Do With This Type of Information?

When it comes to social listening, a company can do a lot with this type of information. Many companies utilize social listening to find out how the public feels about their respective brands.

Social listening is also incredibly effective for companies working on launches. Before releasing something, this type of listening helps companies identify where there is and isn’t any demand. It’s also common for a business to utilize social listening after launching a new product or service. If the results are negative, most companies begin working on a way to update said service or product.

How NetbaseQuid Saves Your Business Time and Energy

There are many beneficial reasons to have a social media listening strategy in place. With that said, it is time-consuming to do this in-house. You don’t have to worry about this after partnering with NetbaseQuid, a social media analytics company.

After this partnership begins, this company’s next-generation AI engine will begin scanning social media. Soon, your business will gain a much deeper understanding of how people feel about it on social media. Using these insights, it’s much easier to make decisions that help companies enjoy even more success.

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