An Ethernet crossover cable in smart factory connects computers instead of a network hub, switch, or router. Making your crossover Ethernet cable requires some technical know-how, but the given beginner can do it. While it is much easier to buy a crossover Ethernet cable, get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that you made one yourself. Things you need

  • network cable
  • connectors RJ45 cable (at least 3)
  • small screwdriver, thin
  • cable cutters


  1. Get a length of network cable that quickly reaches each computer. Check by following along the skirting boards for each computer to ensure that you have a long enough cable. Allow enough extra cable for computer maintenance without having to disconnect the cable.
  2. Purchase RJ45 cable connectors. Ask local computer stores if they have any leftovers from recent network installation jobs. Have at least 3 in case you make a mistake.
  3. Remove the RJ45 connector from one end of the cable. Strip the cable insulation and trim the internal wires to the same length as those inside the connector you cut. Make sure that each wire is of equal length.
  4. Find someone to hold the cable and the connector while you secure the cable connector lock. Place all wires in the appropriate holes and make sure the wires are pushed completely into the connector. Use a screwdriver to tap the connector cable lock slot in place. Light pressure should do the trick.
  5. Have the helper hold the RJ45 connector while you fit the bronze conductor wires in place. Touch the bronze conductor downwards with a screwdriver just below the plastic ridge. Look at the removed connector to guide how deep to accommodate the conductors.

How To Make An Ethernet Splitter?

Having two computers in a home or office and only one Ethernet socket requires a difficult decision according to smart manufacturing. You have to choose which computer to connect to Ethernet or to switch cables while you work continually. Instead, use an Ethernet splitter to connect two computers or network cables to an Ethernet outlet. Making an Ethernet splitter takes time and a little bit of wiring knowledge. Things You’ll Need Ethernet Cable.

  • Short
  • Crimp Tool Page 2 RJ45 Super stone Keystone Connectors Electrical
  • Tape


  • Crimp one end of the Ethernet wire with the compression tool. This exposes the ends of the wire to allow you to split it. Leave one end with the Ethernet end still attached.
  • Open the distortion jacks. Follow the instructions on the package to open. Most monkeys open and close.
  • Place the wires in the outlets. Start with the first take. Place the white and orange wire on pin 1, the orange wire on pin 2, the white and green wire on Pin 3, and the green wire on pin 6. Now for the second take. Place the white and blue wire to pin 1, the blue wire to pin 2, the white and brown wire to Pin 3, and the brown Pin wire to 6.
  • Glue jacks’ side by side with super glue.
  • Snap the jack tops back together.
  • Wrap electrical tape around any exposed wires.
  • Plug the divider into the wall outlet or Ethernet. Connect your computers or network devices to the tab.

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