The tips you will see below are for those who have professional equipment, for those who will record with a cell phone, for those who already have a consolidated YouTube channel, and for those just starting out with YouTube marketing. In the end, you will be ready to make your video with higher quality and break down the obstacles that are preventing you from starting to make videos on YouTube.

Tie the subject

The focus of the video has something to do with the main point of the subject. Therefore, you need to use the camera to get this message across. Think about the result that you want to deliver. If the subject is cooking tips, do not focus on the ready dish, but on the method.

Adjust the ISO

Keep the camera’s ISO at 100. However, if you do not think its good, do not go above 200. ISO is the camera’s sensitivity to ambient light. The ISO is responsible for the presence or absence of grains in the image. It is good to think about a balance to keep the video quality always high. 

Think about Lighting

Have good lighting in your YouTube video. If possible, purchase reflectors. The so-called soft boxes can help a lot with lighting, but if you are just starting out, and not have the money to invest, there are some tips. You can find, on YouTube itself, several tutorials teaching how to create your own soft box.

Use the shutter

Another tip for making videos on YouTube is to know how to use the shutter well. When shooting at 24 fps, use the shutter at 1/50 per second. When shooting at 30 fps, use the shutter at 1/60. However, the ideal is always to record at 24 fps, so forget about 30 fps.

Use high definition

Appreciate the high quality recording in your video. Nowadays, high definition has almost become a rule of how to make videos on YouTube. It helps instill credibility in your channel.

Use filters

No, we are not talking about the photo filters you use to post on social media. If you are using slow shutter speeds, these filters can be very helpful in bringing good quality to your videos.

Ensure good audio

In a video, you may notice that the audio is more important than the image, because if the video does not have a good image, but you are clearly hearing the message, you stay watching the video until the end. Bad audio can be the biggest disaster of your video.

Change the concepts of your fears

At the time of recording, you can get that fear about what people will write in the comments about your video. Think that negative comments can be feedbacks so that you can improve your content and can overcome these obstacles to take better advantage and achieve more profit.

Behave as if you are talking to a friend

When recording, behave as if you are talking to one person instead of thinking about the number of people who may be watching your video. Remember to practice this well before you start recording.

Always smile

Try to relax before recording, and always keep a smile on your face. People feel your energy, and when you are smiling, you convey positivity.

Be human in your videos

Act naturally. Show your audience that you are human like any other, not a robot, blocking the intimacy and connection between you and your audience.

Clothing care

Dress appropriately according to your content and style. It helps with credibility. We see big names of current companies that only wear the basics, a t-shirt with jeans and sneakers.

Create a script

Of course, this tip is crucial, after all, without a script, your video can get very long, and you can get lost in the subject and wind up a lot. 

With all these tips, you are ready to be a content presenter at professional levels. 

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