Peru is a country with a captivating and rich cultural heritage, which further makes it a popular tourist destination. The country also has a fascinating educational network, and teaching English is a great opportunity for foreigners looking for a career or looking to explore the country while having a profitable source of income. Mastering English teaching in Peru is an excellent way of empowering the locals to learn a critical skill that is desirable for their careers and enriching your life. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss crucial tips to enable teachers to excel and have a seamless experience Teach English in Peru.

Researching and choosing your Teaching Destination:

Peru is a vast country with areas that have different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The first step towards mastering English teaching in Peru is to research the different regions that you could consider. Do you prefer a big city, a small town or a rural area? Are you interested in teaching young children or students attending university?

The most popular cities for teaching English are Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa as they have a high demand for English teachers, accounting for over 80% of the English teaching jobs in Peru. Lima is an excellent option for teachers as it is the primary center for business and tourism. Cusco is a perfect destination for those aspiring \to specialize in teaching foreign languages, and Arequipa provides an unnecessary contrast from the bigger cities.

Embarking on TEFL Certification:

Having experience or bilingualism is not enough to secure an English teaching job in Peru. TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification is crucial as it helps you develop essential skills and techniques to teach English to students of all ages and backgrounds. In addition, TEFL certification provides evidence that you can effectively communicate the English language and knowledge to non-native speakers.

With a TEFL qualification, you are more likely to get a job with prominent schools hiring English teachers. Obtaining a TEFL certification can be done online, or some programs offer in-person courses in Peru.

Salary Expectations and Cost of Living:

Salaries for English Teaching jobs in Peru vary depending on location, qualifications, and experience. The average monthly salary for English teachers in Peru is approximately $800 to $1000. However, this depends on factors such as city, type of institution, and experience of the teacher.

The cost of living varies in Peru, with Lima being more expensive, whereas rural areas are less costly. As an English teacher, you can comfortably live a comfortable life in Peru since the robust earnings will cover for housing, transportation, food, and utilities.

Cultural Sensitivity and Integration:

When you teach English in Peru, you should be culturally sensitive and integrate yourself into the culture. Learning some Spanish phrases will enhance your teaching experience and make your integration into the community more natural.

It’s advisable to have an open mind and be willing to learn from the locals. Respect the customs and traditions in Peru, familiarize with the Calendar of Festivities, try local food, and be willing to adapt to the culture in the region you choose to teach in. Mastering cultural sensitivity and integration goes a long way in ensuring a pleasant experience as you teach English in Peru.

Engage and Inspire your Students:

Finally, to Master English Teaching in Peru, you should engage and inspire your students. Your teaching methods should not only focus on teaching grammar and vocabulary, but also aim to keep the student engaged and motivated to learn English. Incorporating games, cultural activities, and student-led discussions will ensure your class sessions are exciting and educative.

Furthermore, focus on creating individual learning plans suited for each student’s level and tailor your teaching style based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses to provide a more personalized approach to teaching English.


To Mastering English Teaching in Peru requires more than just the ability to communicate effectively in English. You need to ensure you have the requisite qualifications, cultural sensitivity, and an open mind to adapt to Peru’s diverse culture. If you make an effort in the above-discussed factors, your teaching experience in Peru will be rewarding, exciting and valuable to both you and your students.

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