Resume creation is considered one of the tedious jobs for graduating students. Although they are writing about themselves to sell their skills, they are unable to fix the words together with greater impact. There are several resume templates that you can find online to help with your creative process. However, many people are doing several mistakes while creating one. These mistakes can lead to serious issues like a prolonged job search. In this article, let us discuss some of the mistakes to avoid while creating your resume.

Mistakes to avoid during resume creation

Size of resume

Some people are thinking that their resumes should not be more than one page. So, they are trimming their resume content by cutting some vital information. This information helps in elevating their experience and skills a bit. But as they are restricting themselves to one page, most of the valuable inclusions are omitted. Also, you should not write essays on your resume. You have to say the content and nothing much more. No one would be interested in reading an uninteresting subject in a resume. If you have any skills or achievements, you should mention them short and sweet at an optimum sentence length without irritating the interviewer.

Worst summary

Your resume summary is a vital part that helps HR to know about you in a short span. A summary should contain details about you hidden within carefully coated lucrative words. Instead, if your summary is made of cliché words that make it obvious that you have copied the content will provide you a negative mark during the interview. You should think of yourself, analyze the skillsets you have, and formulate an impressive and meaningful summary with only truth.

Unwanted use of colors

Resumes are professional documents that tell about the candidates. They are not visiting cards or marriage invitations to use multiple colors and attractive designs. Some people are thinking that decorating their resume with colors and different layouts will make them stand out from other candidates. But they can be the first reason to reject your profile. A professional resume will use a standard font style and a neat theme without any eye-pulling colors.

Unlimited lies

Everyone will be looking to get hired by the interviewers. But because of that, no one can succeed by including untrue achievements and experience in the resume. All the things you enter in your resume should be true, and you should have valid proofs for all these data. If you are lying to get the job, you would be easily caught by the employers, and it may lead to various issues.

Hiding your highlights

One of the intolerable mistakes every resume creator will make is that there will be no alignment for the content. Alignment, in this case, means that there is no proper order of achievements based on priority. Your achievements are going to get you the job, and if you hide your best actions somewhere in the resume, it will go unnoticed.

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