WooCommerce is quickly growing to be one of the most preferred e-commerce platforms. However, to ensure that the WooCommerce online store runs without any hiccups and can cater to the various requirements of its customers, you need to choose the best WooCommerce hosting plan.

What is WooCommerce Hosting?

WooCommerce is the most popular platform used for setting up e-commerce websites based on WordPress. To ensure the smooth running of your e-commerce business you will need the services of a WordPress website hosting firm that specialises in WooCommerce. Since online businesses have special requirements, you will need services that offer SSL certificates for accepting online payments besides resources that can handle the high traffic to your website. WooCommerce hosting enables you to handle your e-commerce store efficiently thereby boosting its growth prospects.

What is WooCommerce Optimisation?

Every business aims to earn higher revenues and profits. And in the case of e-commerce stores, this is possible only when your online store functions smoothly. The key factors determining the optimum performance of your e-commerce website are the page loading time, response time, and the overall user experience. Another crucial factor is your site’s search engine optimisation or SEO which ensures the ranking it receives on the search engine pages. All these factors determine the level of traffic to your site and its conversion into revenues.

How to Achieve WooCommerce Optimisation?

WordPress and WooCommerce offer hundreds of plugins, themes, and page builders for e-commerce websites, but choosing the right one is the key to ensuring your site’s optimum functioning.

  • Choosing the Right Plug-in: An important factor that can boost the functioning of your website is the uploading of images and videos to showcase your products. This has to be done in such a way that it does not affect the loading time of your website. Use of the right plugin and ensuring that you are using the latest version will help you keep a balance between the image size and its resolution.
  • CDN: Online stores can get customers from any corner of the world. To ensure that they do not have to wait for the loading of your website or the images of your product, you should use a Content Delivery Network or CDN. A CDN works by storing the copies of your online store and redirecting visitors to the copy that is nearest to their location. This reduces the website loading time and makes it more efficient.
  • Regular Backups and Cleaning: Since e-commerce stores attract huge traffic, the information stored on them also increases, leading to a slowdown in the website’s functioning. To avoid such a situation, you need to clean up the database from time to time. This is possible with the help of a plugin. But do not forget to take a backup of all your data.
  • Choosing the Right Theme: An outdated theme can also slow down the loading item of your website.
  • Automatic Encryption: Since customers to your site may disclose a lot of personal and important information, you must take adequate safety measures to protect the same. Automatic encryption of all your transactions and visitor data is a must.

And all this is possible when you choose a WordPress hosting plan in India that specialises in WooCommerce.

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