Social Media Tips To Help You Build Positive Relationships

To strengthen customer relationships, foster brand promoters, collect valuable information for improvements, and release are some of the benefits of positive relationships in social media. Here are ways to guide you:

  1. Humanize Conversations

Brands have personality, just like their customers. A social network is where companies can show their style and tone of voice to create connections. No customer wants to feel like they’re dealing with a cold, heartless company. So, give it a personal touch and show the human side of the brand. Choose channels like Instagram, LinkedIn and show your team face. People love to know who is behind a brand! Take the opportunity to create your stories with it! Use communication with a friendlier tone and, if it’s the brand’s style, use emojis, gifs, memes, and humor. Also, join the conversation and engage in discussions that are interesting to customers.

  1. Create Exclusive Groups For Customers

Who doesn’t like to feel special? Have exclusive advantages and benefits? Everybody likes! Why not create communication channels for customers and make them feel like VIPs? Groups on Facebook and WhatsApp, for example, that have personalized content, transmit lives to customers, present first-hand news, and ask questions, are excellent for strengthening the relationship. In addition to being an excellent channel for contacting customers, facilitating the dissemination of brand content, the “group of the select” can also be an endless source of insights to improve products and services.

  1. Bet On The UGC Strategically

When we talk about building strong relationships, we always have to remember two sides to the story: the company and the customer. Indeed, companies will always seek to offer the best possible experience for the consumer. In return, the consumer will provide various information that can (and should) be used by the brand.

The user-generated content (user-generated content, or UGC) should be used strategically. Imagine a customer’s satisfaction to see that content they created was shared on a brand’s social network, that their comment was used as a reference in a post, or that their post was responded to with attention, affection, and respect. All user-generated content must be read, interpreted, responded to, and considered. One of the best strategies for using UGC is to ask your customers to share ideas about what your company should do. In addition to inspiring your team, this provides insight into what people want from the company. Here, once followers’ visions are brought to life, they will feel more involved with the brand and an essential part of building the company. Check  for more information on this.

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