The gaming industry has taken the world by storm nowadays. Almost 70% of people nowadays irrespective of their age or occupation, are fixated with video games. The best aspect of video games is that they are not only an entertaining mode of recreation but also help you exercise your strategizing grey cells and using logic and skills. A wide variety of games have since developed to cater to the continuously growing fan base of gamers and their rapidly changing tastes and preferences. One of the more popular gaming apps like CricMoney. Cricket as a sport is quite popular in India and if any app combines the best of both worlds in their games i.e. both online gaming and cricket, rest assured it will be a real game-changer.

Cricket specific apps have been quite popular nowadays owing to the wide variety of games they provide. With top-notch gameplay, leaderboard, rules and regulations and user interface, it is a real favourite of gamers. But what’s more exciting? Now one can sit at home and earn big bucks by playing cricket on their mobile screens. These apps use your bank account details to credit the winner’s sum and their top-notch security details will help keep your data protected and safe. They offer various formats and winning money has never been more fun or easier. So if you are interested to know how you can earn money on cricket gaming apps like CricMoney, this article has got you covered. So read on to find out more.


Every player appreciates CricMoney’s fascinating referral program. The site allows you to invite a friend and play the game together. The referral code is provided by CricMoney. Being a fantasy gaming app they have the necessary modifications and routes that help you to win money. The app requires a minimal fee for enrolling yourself or registering yourself into the platform. Once that is done you get a small sum of money paid back to you, called the signup bonus amounting to up to Rs. 5 after which you can participate in the daily contests and win big amounts. They offer regular contests of T20 or one-day format or even world championships. Every week they get new offers on the block and this keeps the players on their toes. For clearing different levels in the game, you earn different amounts of money and the best part is that unlike other rummy games or something which require betting and risk money to be deducted from your account, you do not need to bother yourself about losing. You may lose the match but never your money. The gameplay is quite exciting and can be played both horizontally and vertically. Individuals must utilise the referral code during the registration procedure.


The gameplay of GetMega is adapted for maximum entertainment and amps up the fun quotient. GetMega allows only real players and no bots. With over 5,000,000+ Signups, 50,000+ Monthly Active Players, & 10,000+ Daily Active Players, it is easily one of the best gaming platforms trending in India and albeit all over the world. GetMega offers an attractive referral program when you invite a friend to the app and play a game with them.  The sum is slightly larger than what CricMoney offers, Rs. 10 on each referral. All you have to do is download the app, go to the upper left-hand corner tab, invite a friend from your contact list and play a match in video game mode. Again you get an additional signup bonus or welcome bonus whereby you get some money credited to your account for registering on the platform for the first time. Also, you can win a wide variety of exciting gifts and prizes if you are a regular or a premium member of the app.

So now that you know the procedure as to how you can play and earn money on gaming apps, get cracking on it and have a blast.


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