Although people outside work have widely used instant messagingfor years, it has gained popularity with businesses since the emergence of COVID-19. IM provides a more efficient means to connect with everyone in your organization.Given the popularity of IM, various risks and compliance regulations must be understood to prevent hefty consequences.

So, how can youguarantee that you and your coworkers communicate effectively and responsibly?

Always be responsive

Reply to your coworkers as soon as you receive a message. If you cannot respond quickly, ensure you let them know why you were not able to do so. Responsiveness helps foster relationships within your organization and shows you care about your workmates’ needs.

Conversely, while IM allows you to reach out to coworkers at any time, especially if the matter is time-sensitive or urgent, it is crucial to find a work/life balance. This means you do not have to respond if you think the concern can wait until the next business day.

Create a policy

One threat that companies canface is the possibility of data breaches that damage clients or staff. Developing a user policy is essential to provide workers with general guidelines on what they should and should not do when utilizing an instant messaging app for your business.

Thus, this helps protect your people from unwarranted access to sensitive data. You should consider explaining what rules they must follow, such as what messaging apps are permitted and when it is appropriate to send messages.

Consider message archiving

Once you have a policy developed, you do not want your employees to violate the specified rules in it. Violation of policies is, unfortunately, still a struggle today. Therefore,you should consider WeChat monitoringto ensure that your workmates are not violating such policies while communicating.

Additionally, many firms use message archiving solutions for government compliance. When you employ WeChat archiving IIROC, you not only comply but also provide a safe and secure space for your workers to send and receive information.

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