In the 21st century, mobile phones have become an essential part of people’s daily life. You can’t travel or work without the mobile phone. The losing or damage of mobile phone is will bring great trouble to people.

People have invented many tools to protect mobile phones. Such as mobile phone protective film, mobile phone case, etc. Among them, the case has a wide range of uses and is deeply loved by people.

Mobile phone cases are divided into soft cases and hard cases according to their hardness.

Soft cases are transparent or Silica gel material. The transparent soft case is indeed a transparent mobile phone case. It can protect the mobile phone and express the original design of the mobile phone. This kind of mobile phone case is made of rubber. It has strong impact resistance to protect mobile phones. Many brands like to choose this material when giving away cases. Its disadvantage is that the case is easily soiled. It will turn yellow after about one month of using. However, the price is low and the replacement cost is not high. Users who have need can replace it regularly.

Silica gel soft case is similar in characteristics to transparent soft case. Both can well protect mobile phones. Moreover, the soft silicone case feels better. Now there is a kind of mobile phone case with liquid silica gel. It has excellent touch, good scratch resistance and wear resistance. Many mobile phone brands will customize the case made of this material. However, the only defect of silica gel soft case is poor heat dissipation. Users who like to play games should buy carefully.

There are more types of hard cases for mobile phones. Common types are PP case, PC case and leather case.

The difference between PP case and PC case is not big. The tactile feeling in the hard case is the best. However, their drop resistance is not very good. You can buy a mobile phone rope when buying. In this way, while enjoying the touch of the hard case, you can ensure the safety of the mobile phone.

The leather case often pastes leather on the back of the silicone case. This kind of mobile phone case has excellent touch. It can both enjoy the delicacy of leather and have excellent protection. However, the original heat dissipation effect of silica gel case is not good. Now there is another layer of leather cover. the heat dissipation effect is even worse. Therefore, it is not a good choice for gamer.

In addition to the above types of mobile phone cases, there are two common types: metal cases and flip cases. The metal case looks higher-end and more fashionable. However, this case is very heavy. Flip case is a mobile phone case that can be opened. People who are not familiar with it can open HONOR’s official website. HONOR 20 Lite has a flip case. This flip case looks more commercial and practical. You can put some notes inside. Many users of HONOR 20 Lite will buy HONOR 20 Lite case to use.

These are the common mobile phone cases in life. I believe you can choose a suitable case after understanding these.

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