3 Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies in 2020

Cryptocurrencies are the new option available for you to invest money, thought cryptocurrency market can be a bit difficult to comprehend at first glance but you can get used to it very easily if you have previous experience with the stock market. 

To earn good profit through cryptocurrency there are many popular strategies available, these strategies are working fine for many investors and traders. You might have come around some of the strategies some are quite easy to understand but some like the use of Staking-as-a-Service are quite hard to understand as a beginner.

Here Is A Guide on How You Can Earn with Passively with Cryptocurrencies: 

Expanding Custodial Services and Hopeful Returns

Many firms provide Staking-as-a-Service for Cryptocurrencies. On high-level big firms post “stake” or “bond”. They are required for validation of the transaction and get the required return; all these are done by using PoS (Proof of Stake- based protocol network. Here is how you can earn with stacking service:

  • You need to become a participant in stacking service, you will be governed by the network protocols. 
  • Stacking your crypto coin will give you the advantage of getting rewards for the good crypto coin and you will get rewards and dividends for being the stack holder of the coin.
  • For gaining through stacking service, you need to invest and purchase the currency. 
  • For purchasing and storing your currencies, you need to create a wallet and node. 
  • The currency you have in your wallet will be monitored along with all the transactions in a blockchain. 

You will get benefit from the creation of new blocks and your length of the transaction also play a role in it. 


Can you earn through the cryptocurrency without getting into buying and selling? Yes, you lend the cryptocurrencies for a good interest rate and earn great returns by just playing in between buying and selling. 

You can lend the crypto coin at different interest rates ranging from 12%-20%, and earn a decent amount on it. You can easily find a genuine peer-to-peer bitcoin loan network, here are few listed for you:

  • Kiva
  • Btc Pop
  • Bitbond 

Buy & Hold

BUY & HOLD the most simple, safest, and effective strategy that is working fine in the cryptocurrency market, until now. The formula for earning through this method is to invest in good cryptocurrency. After you “Buy” good cryptocurrency, all you need next is the patience to “Hold” your currency for the period. If you have invested in good cryptocurrencies the price of it is highly likely to go up.

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