Smartphones have changed the way people live. In the past, sending messages took more efforts; also, cameras were a must-have to take pictures. These functionalities are now integrated into smartphones, and they keep getting smarter every day. Over time, smartphones have proven to be inevitable in people’s lives.

Instant Communication

Technology is dynamic, and that is why smartphones were created as an upgrade to the earliest phones. Thus, its primary purpose is to improve communication between people. The result of smartphone invention is modernized communication, paving the way to SMS, text messaging, video calls, and apps that facilitate instant communication between people across the globe.

Web Surfing

With smartphones, surfing the web is more convenient. They come with mobile browsers that enable them to access websites with ease. Study suggests that most times people unlock phone they spend up to 10% of their total time surfing the internet. This gives people easy access to information.


 The need for camera has risen significantly with people loving their selfies. With smartphones, people don’t need to buy a separate digital camera to enjoy their selfies. A study suggests that the camera ranked third as one of the features people look out for in smartphones. The best smartphones make sure their phones are designed with a quality camera to give their users a smooth experience.

Easy Access to Information

Smartphones facilitate education, especially in kids. It gives easy access to information which can be helpful in children’s development. They can also watch educational videos and play educational applications, and surf the internet to feed themselves with knowledge.


Smartphones are a good source of entertainment. When users unlock HTC phones, for example, they can enjoy their games, movies, music, and books. Smartphones also lets users play their favourite music with Spotify, iTunes and so on. Reading e-books, watching movies are also convenient with smartphones.

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