People are conscious when it comes to new things. Humans fear the things they have less knowledge about, but when the primary online messaging application emerged in 1996, people’s first reaction is amazement. 

ICQ, also recognized as “I Seek You,” was created by the Israeli startup Mirabilis. The application is only available on desktop computers, despite, there are over one hundred (100) million users that took advantage of this creative invention. People learned to love these tools, considering communication became easier because of these contrivances.

Messaging Applications have changed greatly over the years. They are no longer exclusive for large organizations and corporations but are now popular for small and medium-scale businesses.

Businesses that do not use email or text messages in their marketing or customer service efforts miss out on many opportunities to increase their sales. It has been noted that the competition between various companies offering messaging applications is getting stiffer by the day. As a result, some companies are now bundling text as well as email marketing into one package. Some of the prominent messaging application providers like Yahoo! | Google | and Microsoft have merged their emailing services with Google and Bing to provide more value to their customers by giving them a unified way of browsing the web using the same tools.

However, simpler communication facilitation is not the only thing that these chat applications provide and privacy in their consumers’ transactions. Whether it be personal or a business message, these messaging software platforms got you covered for archiving text messages, WhatsApp call monitoring, and any form of mobile call monitoring for their consumers’ utilization.

Gain more knowledge about the various chat applications encryption, privacy, and sage usage on the infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage:


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