Did you know that watching streams IPTV that are illegal carries with it some dangers? Though it might seem to be attractive because of being cheap or, in some instances, free, the disadvantages might not be worth going for it.

The following are some of the disadvantages that you are likely going to encounter when you settle for illegal streams IPTV. Check them out before you make your decision whether you will settle for the legal or illegal IPTV streams.

It might lead to prosecution

While, in most instances, it is the source providers or the uploaders who are pursued by the TV networks aggressively, there have been some instances in Europe and the US where the end-user found themselves on the wrong side of the law for using streams IPTVthat are illegal. 

It has been a misconception by most people that watching movies on illegal streams or illegal live streaming of television is legal permissibility. It is an argument that claims that, you are not downloading any data,  therefore not infringing on any copyrights. 

The truth is that when streaming videos are cached on a temporal basis on your device, which provides a basis for the authorities to make a prosecution against you. Though small, but it is there, and you can be prosecuted in a court of law. 

In Europe there is a law passed in 2017 that, when you stream content that is copyrighted without having the correct permission, you can be prosecuted for having broken the law. The law looks at those providing the adds-on and apps, the developers as well as the end-user.  The reason why the end-users have been placed in the mix is that they are also committing a criminal offense. 

And even if you argue out that when the data is being watched via streaming is not copy making, when you use some adds-on, you instantly work with software that has already been defined as being illegal and thus, helping to commit illegality. 

In 2005, the USA came up with an Inducement Rule. It is a law that says that any website or company is liable for distributing content that is unlicensed if it encourages whoever is going to use it to infringe on copyright. 

In case you are caught using such type of content or adds-on, it will be hard to defend yourself even under the safe harbor guidance that is under the copyright act of the digital millennium. You must ensure to stick to the StreamEast that are offering legal services. 

Issues with ISP

When you use illegal content, it could cause your ISP to ensure that your internet is disabled. It is an issue that happens when you start downloading illegal torrents, and it can as well happen when you are streaming illegal services.

You will first receive a letter or an email from your ISP explain the infringement. The first warning will not cause you to get booted, but if you repeat, it will end up causing the connection to be disabled or for you to have speed throttling.

You have the option of using a high paid VPN to ensure that your ISP doesn’t know what you are doing on your device. But instead of that, why not just settle for the paid legal streams IPTVservices?

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