How to advertise on Tik Tok: Here is everything you need to know. 

Tik Tok is a new social media application that enables users to create and share video content and audio. Many people create short dance music, funny comic videos, sharing them on their channel to get tiktok likes. But the good news is that Tik Tok can be put into more uses than that. Advertisers are getting the benefit of this application. They use it for advertisement purposes using popular influencers. Tik Tok stats are very attractive for advertisement. The application has over 1.5 billion downloads with more than 500 million monthly active users. The good news is that the Tik Tok application has come up with a wide array of advertising format to enable it reach to their audiences. In the article, we will provide you with the steps of advertising on the application. 

How you will advertise on Tik Tok. 

Different brands are finding Tik Tok to be very lucrative when it comes to advertising. Averagely a person with a Tik Tok account spends at least 52 minutes a day. Moreover, Tik Tok has more active monthly users compared to Twitter and Snap chat. Tik Tok also features less advertisements compared to other channels. 

Tik Tok has a beta version of its advertising application.The brand also incorporates tons of advertising features. That is why popular brands such as Nike, Apple Music, use the application in advertising. To start on advertising on this platform, you will need to create a Tik Tok Ads Account.You will visit the Tik Tok home page to create your first campaign. The second way of advertising on Tik Tok is by creating an Ad Campaign. What will follow is you correctly placing your ads, details, to meet the intended target group. Afterwards, you will need to control your Tik Tok ad spend, goals, and duration. Coming up with an excellent budget will help you with the latter. You will have different advertising formats to choose from on Tik Tok. You will therefore navigate on the different offers. Make sure to choose one that will make marketing to be effective. 

How you will select your optimization goal with Tik Tok.

Your optimization goal will provide you with what you need to achieve in your campaign. The goal you select will determine your conversion, click, buy tiktok followersor the impression of your advertisement. For those people that will choose conversion, their ads will be directed to intended target group. These will be people looking to convert their products. It is important to note that conversion goals are priced using oCPC bidding method.  You bid setting will gauge the methodology in which Tik Tok will adjust your bids. It is important you also optimize you Tik Tok Ad.You can do the latter using high resolution images. Make sure to also put a call to action button. 

In conclusion, it is easy for you to set up a successful Tik Tok marketing campaign. Tik Tok has excellent features that enable the latter to happen. All you need to do is follow the details explained in this article.

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