Call of Duty: Warzone – 5 Tips Every Beginner Should Know!

Here comes the best and great massive free-to-play combat arena offered by the Modern Warfare named Call of Duty: Warzone. It is the best game in which players can join different forces and dive into the battleground of almost 150 players. Players have to find out the supply boxes and gather all essential things to build their arsenal. By doing so they get the tactical benefit and it helps them in earning, experience points and other rewards, etc. Players now free to use warzone aimbot or wall hacks to get advantage over other players. 

The particular game contains two epic playing modes. The first one is Battle Royale and another is Plunder. Players can earn more cash in the game by playing such modes. They are totally free to choose any mode among them and play accordingly to get positive results. The gameplay is very simple as players have to jump at any place from the plane in the entire map. After landing, they have to get the loots like weaponries, aids and armories, etc. to kill other players and become the winner. 

5 crucial tips for new warzone users

Given below are the main tips that help newbies to make perfect deal with Call of Duty: Warzone. So, they should read them and understand then properly to get positive results. 

  1. Check out the entire map before jump – yes, the same tip plays an important role among all others. Your choice of landing is a key factor of the entire match. Gamers need to check the map before jump and choose that location to jump where the number of people is low.
  2. Don’t depend on cash always – it means that as in the particular game players get enough cash by running around or completing contractors, so they don’t have to always depend on it. In the battle royale mode players are not provided with bonus for collecting money.  They have to look for the buy stations from where they can buy cluster strikes or UAVs, etc.
  3. Get more cash and experience points – well, all new gamers should know that the best way to get everything in the game is earn more and more cash or experience points. For the same, players need to accomplish missions, challenges and events. 
  4. Use hacks or cheats – yes, gamers are now free to apply the hacks or cheats while playing to get everything they want. In the same way, they can earn unlimited currency or rewards without playing. They can win every battle by applying warzone aimbot and other hacks.
  5. Pick contracts evreytime – it’s the best tip for gamers of Call of Duty: Warzone to make quick progress. They have to pick up the contracts whenever they can because by completing them they get good amount of in-game currency and rewards. 

Finally, all such are the best 5 tips for the beginners by which they can learn playing the game proper and go ahead in it easily. By following these tips they can easily earn experience points, cash and all other essential things that help them during playing.

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