File guarantee to download Elementor pro free. It provides us 100% free bloatware, virus, clean GPL file as well as easy installation. Elementor is created for designers, developers, marketers as well as entrepreneurs. We have to create beautiful landing pages; a blog designed, online store customization, etc. 

There is three main key to download Elementor pro. They are all in one solution in which we can control web design workflow from one place, a visual design which is simple, powerful, flexible or it can 100% virtual design power experience, faster performance in which it builds a website that load faster as well as speed up the process. 

How we used its template.

It is easy to use as well as install but there are also doing methods. It is all calculated on your templates. Let’s see three common summaries. 

  1. Elementor library- when you installed any pro or free Elementor on the website. You will also gain access to a selection of free templates whereas pro users gain more options. Here’s we see how to find as well as use them. 
  • Create a new page by using WordPress as well as click on the edit with the Elementor button. Then you will go to the builder pages UI. 
  • When you go on UI, you check there will be two icons at the centre of the page in a rectangular. 
  • On this page, you will choose many no. of the template. By once click you use it then click on the insert button to add it to your page. 
  1. Word Press plug-in by Envato elements- Install it to obtain fast access to a variety of both free as well as premium template kids all offer many matching element kits of a website.
  • Create a new page by using WordPress as well as click on edit with Elementor. This will take you inside the Elementor page of UI. 
  • You will go to the UI or you see three icons in a centre of the page in a rectangular after that click on a green leaf. 
  • Browse the entire template as well as click on you chooses. After that click on the import template. 
  • We have to exit it or go back to UI. 
  • Click on the grey folder as well as installed newly template. 

Template download- If you download the template from any other place the download process is slightly different. It will be either in a zip file or JSON. Click on the grey folder. On the upper right side of the library window, you click on the import template button, and then upload. JSON or zip file.  The new template is shown in my template tab. Go there as well as inserts your new template. 

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