Photometry In Photography: What It Is And Tips For You To Understand Once And For All

Understanding Photometry in Photography is more straightforward than most people think. In this article, we gathered all the information in a didactic way.

What Is Photometry In Photography?

Photometry is the process of measuring light reflected off the Camera sensor using the Photometer. In digital photography, we have this reference on the camera’s viewfinder without the need to use a photometer. Well-done photometry will offer a perfect result for the light of your photo.

Photometry is characterized in 3 primary levels.

  • When the photo comes out dark, we say the photo is underexposed;
  • When the photo comes out with good light, we say the photometry was ideal;
  • When the photo comes out too bright, we say it is overexposed;

Types Of Photometry In DSLR Cameras

In Professional and Semi-Professional cameras, there are three ways to measure the light that arrives at the Sensor: central, weighted, and matrix measurement. We will talk a little more.

Central Measurement

As shown in the image above, the Central Measurement is represented by the Point. It means that the emphasis on light reading by the camera’s Photometer will be in the center area of ​​the frame. Lights that are outside of this area will not matter that much.

Partial Measurement

This type of photometry covers a light reading that is a little larger than the spot.

Matrix Measurement

Represented by the most populated area in the image above.

It covers an average of the entire frame of the image; that is, all the light that reaches the Sensor will be averaged, and the camera will show what should be correct in the Photometer.

We have read all my equipment manuals, some more in-depth, others not. The important thing is to know the equipment, to think about creativity when clicking.

Final Thoughts On Photometry

It’s vital that your Photographer pay attention to your camera’s Photometer but don’t get 100% attached to it. We have faced several situations in which you “deceived” me with different results.

Your Feeling Should Count For More Than Just Theory.

We believe that theory serves to have a basis, make fewer mistakes and be aware of photography. Therefore, blown out and dark photos can be part of the language of the work or even the Photographer. Check for raw editor.

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