Which frameworks on mobile application development platforms are used frequently?


A framework of mobile development is a software framework which is designed in such a way that it supports mobile application development. It is a library of software that helps in providing a fundamental structure which in return supports application development for a certain environment. There are three categories of framework; native framework, hybrid applications, and mobile web application frameworks. Overall it helps in combining the features of both mobile web application framework and native frameworks.

In this article, we are going to discuss frameworks on mobile application development platform which are used more frequently by both the programmers and big development companies.

Cross Platform Mobile development framework

The whole terms of ‘hybrid mobile app development’ and ‘cross platform mobile app development’ are the ones which do not need an extreme introduction. It is the approach which helps the developers to come up with solution for their mobiles on their own. Overall it pushes the generation of application in such a way that they are easily operated by various platforms and systems like android, windows and IOS.

Hybrid applications tend to prefer a more native look. It feels natural and native because the conducting code is made up a combination. Even though it is recommended again and again to use platform that has the feature of security because it helps in saving the general data which the application uses. These codes are written only once and then they are used again and again. Therefore applications that use hybrid techniques can be modified quickly and released on a much faster rate.

On the other hand there are cross platform software. An intermediate programming language is used in this kind of mobile application development process. This language is known as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. No one is really familiarized and native with this kind of language. Therefore it is extremely difficult to develop a mobile application with this development. But even if developers use cross platform coding, these applications that are developed by using it are eventually packed into the containers of native application frameworks so that it can be integrated into the platforms.

Bottom Line

The bottom line to this discussion is that no matter which framework you are going to use, applications which are developed using cross platform frameworks and open source software are more acceptable and easy to use. It can be easily modified and changed as per the demands of the users.

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