For small businesses, it is really important to rank locally. This guide will help you formulate an SEO strategy for your small business. To rank locally, business owners need to consider three aspects, i.e.:

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  • Proximity: search engines have various means to find the location of searcher and show results accordingly
  • Prominence: Search engines look for links and reviews to understand how well a business is known
  • Relevance: Search engines will look how well a small business matches to the search by a user and your Google My Business account is a key factor in telling Google how relevant is your business to the search

These three aspects are the core factors to determine if your business will appear in the top results of local SERP for specific keywords.

SEO for small businesses works wonder for your growth and popularity. Setting up local SEO for small businesses will include the following:

Google My Business Account

Setting up a Google My Business page will help Google locate your business as it contains a business’ contact details and address. When someone will search for services or products that you provide in their proximity, a well created Google My Business page will appear in top results.

Find Your Niche

Knowing their niche will help you make your product or offering unique to their needs. It will improve the chances of ranking your offerings higher for this niche audience. With this clarity, small businesses could compete with international brands locally despite of their multi-million dollars.


Branding is crucial for recognition of your business among your local target audience. A well-designed logo and a tagline go a long way in terms of brand recognition. Without assigning much budget, you can get your basic branding in place and connect with your customers better and on a personal level.

Create Great Content Great content is the key to your SEO small business strategy. You should write about your business, your business goals, problems faced by your target audience, and how you could solve their problems. You can also write informational content that will help improve your TG’s knowledge on a certain topic or a set of topics. Do not forget to add the keywords relevant to your business and stay clear of overstuffing them. Content quality comes first.

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