The online platform is recognized as the global platform to be recognized, actually for every small thing. People from every field have benefitted from this online section. From education to gamers. Especially gamers. The online gaming industry has become a big boom in the marketplace. It has multiple features that attract even the adult nowadays. The inception of online gaming started in 1940s to 1950s. The mobile technology has launched so many video games that does not need game key at different social platforms like face book. In the late 1970s hundreds of restaurants started keeping video games machine to attract more customers. This ignited competition among the players and the restaurants had a good time.

This was limited to a single screen gaming. In 1973, separate gaming screens were seen. And then the gaming became widely popular among all teenagers. This was the start for an evolution. Then came the arcade games which got to be known as the new hangout point for all teenagers. And thus, introduction of gaming consoles. The gaming console gave the shape to home gaming. The first ever shooting game- gun fight, was released in 1975 that amazed the people beyond understanding. With the console and joystick, it saw people having one-on-one virtual combat, which was very new and popular in the market.

As the video game got better, so did the technology. With the arrival of personal computers, the games just got better. It was the time, when the consoles started old and the technology too smart for old games. But with progressive times, computers or electronic device kept getting better and better to adjust with the growing gaming needs and standard.

The next big boon came when the internet and Wi Fi got added in the picture. Then things just got better. The newest discovery of multiplayer gaming in 1993, just made the whole deal serious to another level. This also allowed to have a gaming community which increased the virtual social interaction.

Then then online gaming started with consoles that let people download the game and play. It was in 1993, where the use of internet was truly discovered for uplifting the gaming industry. Since the starting of 2000s, the internet has been very helpful in understanding the power and promoting the gaming industry. This is called as modern-age gaming. Here, everything just get better. Like a flick of a hand, the internet just made everything better. It has reached to the most remote areas, giving access to an entirely different world of gaming to anyone who can afford to have internet. There is no stopping for online gaming as the price drop is real. Earlier people would stand in lines to take one CDs and disks, now it is in the palm of your hands. These game need to be bought along with their game key. To buy cheap game keys these online gaming site, release weekly sale that makes it affordable for anyone to buy. The game keys are meant to be used once but kept safely.

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