Businesses set goals to achieve them in a time bound manner. However, very few will realize the dreams as they fail to chalk out the priorities. Instead of going through the trial and error basis, you can make use of experiences of others who had achieved success.

The following best practices will help in aligning your team’s work with your business goals:

Define goals

There should be great clarity in identifying the goals. You should have a vision and a mission to fulfill. If you fail to identify those goals, you are advised to go through Simon Sinek’s TED talk. If you would like to make your business different from others, you should find the reasons. You should work towards the justification of those reasons.

Make specific goals

There are many goals that you would like to achieve. However, you should be able to prioritize your goals. The SMART approach of Peter Drucker will help you in this direction. SMART stands for Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

There should be a clear outline of goals and they should be measured. Even though the objectives are challenging, you should have a winning team to work for those objectives. Managers will work for the realization of goals and they should be achieved within the deadline.

Find key performance indicators

The management focuses on achieving the pre-defined measurable objectives and the team will focus on the management’s initiatives. There will be increase in the transparency levels and you will understand whether you are going in the right direction. You will also be able to forecast whether you can achieve your goals at the right time.

Team performance

Staff augmentation is an essential factor in the realization of goals. You should give your team complete freedom and ownership. Hence, you should resort to micro-manage the tasks. The level of engagement of the staff will increase by giving them autonomy.

Accountability of your team

Every team member should be made accountable and responsible for the role. After realizing the true goals, they will be assigned to the team. You will be able to focus on the KPIs and the team will be made accountable for the achievement.


After defining your goals, find out the specific goals that you should focus on. You should set key performance indicators and track the progress at regular intervals. Give your team complete autonomy and make them accountable to achieve your business goals!

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