Let us find out the pros and cons when it comes to working from home versus office.

There are online meetings and conference that are held when it comes to working from home.

There are many pros and cons when it comes to working from home versus working in an office.  Few employees may be comfortable working in an office setting and few may prefer working from home.

Pros of working from home include better productivity, mobility, extra time to oneself and family, saving on money when commuting, better communication, flexibility and balance in work and life which is of so much importance.

The cons of working from home includes problems with regards to technology, distractions at home, be it family members, kids and so on.  Especially women face the problem with regards to devoting their time towards family members.  Another thing that people would have noticed is that they tend to put in more hours than they would have, had they worked in an office setting since the hours are measured and the man hours invested may be lesser for sure.   Getting distracted when working from home is a major negative and it may have repercussions on your efficiency and worthiness.  It could be a major expensive proposition since you may have to pay from your pocket to stay updated about the various technologies.

Many people have noticed that when working if they just want to browse their television screens or laptops to check out the latest Netflix series, they may just get hooked to it and will lose out on man hours that would otherwise have been spent doing productive office work.

Managing people in an office set up is easier as compared to working from home.  Employers have noticed that to manage their employees remotely is quite a task.  Simple things like having a pet at home may be quite distracting.

People tend to become less social when they start working from home, the reason being they are eating, sleeping and working at the same place.  When working in office, you have people interacting with each other. There are fewer chances for employees to fall in depression if they are working in an office set up.

Slack in work

Employees working from home may at times become slack and would want to work at their own pace.  However, there may be exceptions wherein people tend to overwork and land in medical issues, due to working more than required. Employers may also take advantage of this scenario and make ask the employees to work more than required and will cash on the opportunity.

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